Denise Sherman & The Beat Angels

The Beat Angels are available for Services, Concerts, and Spiritshops/Workshops at your Spiritual Center, Place of Worship, Festival, Fundraiser, Reception, Celebration, Corporate Event, Private Party and more! The band's diverse repertoire includes Positive Inspirational New Thought Music, Jazz, Blues, Rock, Country and Folk music! We will gladly work with you to create the musical experience you desire!

The Beat Angels:
David Miller - Vocals/Keyboard
Lia Treffman - Bass/Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Percussion/Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl
John C. Smith - Acoustic Guitar/Electric Guitar/Harmonica/Vocals
Marcie Downing - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals
Michael Atwood - Drums/Percussion
Andy Wysong - Drums/Percussion
Natalie Coffin - Vocals/Keyboard/Percussion
Thomas Pucket - Vocals/Percussion
Founding Director:
Denise Sherman
          Native American Flute/Crystal Quartz Singing Bowl

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"There Is Forgiveness" by Denise Sherman

"United (We Are One)" by Denise Sherman

"I Forgive Me" by Tim McAfee Lewis, arr. Denise Sherman, Featuring Thomas Puckett

"See the Best" by Rickie Byars-Beckwith

I Am Blessed (trad) featuring the band!

"There Is Forgiveness" by Denise Sherman at the Great Lakes Unity Music Conference 2014

Denise performs "Summertime" at a fundraiser for The Church Within

"Today" by Denise Sherman at the GLUMC 2014

"I Give Myself Away" featuring Thomas Puckett

"Ready for My Change/I Forgive Me" - Thomas Puckett at Radiance Center For Spiritual Living in St. Louis, MO - 11/16/2014

"Stayed on Spirit/This Little Light of Mine" - Thomas Pucket at Radiance Center for Spiritual Living - St. Louis, MO - 11/16/2014

"I Release" - Thomas Pucket at Radiance Center for Spiritual Living - St. Louis, MO - 11/16/2014